Fable craft cider​​​​​​​
For this project, I was tasked to create a family of packages with a set of at least two elements. I created Fable, a hard cider company specializing in a perfect drink's mythical nature. The package family consists of branding for both the cans and outer cardboard packaging, as the product can be sold in packs of four or by the can.
I wanted the final product to be heavily based on illustration, as a clever image can often attract the viewer's eye when browsing the alcohol section of a store. The bold, vibrant illustration of the dragon reflects the drink's spicy flavor, while the various illustration elements add excitement and depth to the package family. The cans are wrapped with a holographic label to add a sense of electric mystique to the brand. Every element of the packaging is packed with personality, giving Fable an eclectic, yet authentic feel.

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