In Flight

Exhibited in TCU's Fall 2022 Society of Creative Excellence Show
This project was based on designing a book or editorial with various spreads and a cover. To solve this, I decided to combine a research guide with a photography book, creating a nonfiction piece that showcases the birds of North America. The end goal was to create clean, luxurious layouts, alternating between visually stunning shots of birds.
To create this piece, I decided to design each page with a landscape orientation to allow adequate space for photography. The negative space, open arrangement of elements, and black-and-white typography all work together to give each spread a minimalist appeal. Every element of the design works together, allowing the photography to shine. Although much of the book consists of large, high-quality photos, the book also includes various encyclopedia-based pages, adding diversity to the range of information. I also took a select few of the photos.

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