Airbnb Campaign​​​​​​​
For this project, I teamed up with two peers to create an advertising campaign for Airbnb's rental services. Airbnb caters to a wide variety of audiences, as they provide unique services for both hosts and guests. They allow anyone to truly sample life in any location, as an Airbnb offers a taste of each and every dream destination's culture. We decided to capture this aspect by honing on a simple headline: "Unlock adventure."
The most defining aspect of an Airbnb is not only the home itself but also the entrance. A guest will enter their temporary residence through the front door, establishing an opinion of their stay immediately. They will then exit their vacation home, looking back to cement it in their memory one last time. Each asset of this campaign focuses on the image of a door, encouraging the viewer to take a step forward and explore everything Airbnb has to offer.
The print advertisements showcase Airbnbs in New York, Italy, and India. They give the viewer a sense of alluring mystique, as the gradients and vignettes draw attention to the front doors of the buildings. On each ad, the copy is altered to reflect the location of the photograph. For our outdoor signage, the billboard represents a variety of Airbnbs located around the world, while our kiosk displays an attractive photo of Portugal.
To further our campaign, we created a separate social media campaign using Instagram posts and stories. Every image displays either an entryway or door, connecting them to the print and outdoor elements. Our headline remains as the only text on each photograph, prompting the viewer to fantasize about unlocking their own sense of adventure. 
As a final element for our campaign, I created a storyboard for a 30-second TV commercial. The quick film follows a variety of couples and families as they sample life in Paris, France. We watch a young family eat lunch, before seeing two young adults enjoy a picnic. The commercial ends after focusing on an elderly couple's Airbnb experience, fading to black while stating "Sample life in Paris." For this concept to be successful, Airbnb's commercials would take on a life of their own and a separate campaign showcasing different travel locations would be created.

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